Thursday, January 8, 2009

Priyamani: I am comfortable wearing Bikini

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Vivacious actress and dark skinned beauty Priyamani stirred up a sensation by wearing a swim suit for her next film Drona but denies a skin show. "It was just meant for a song shot in a pool and nothing beyond it," says the actress, who feels that there is nothing wrong if you are comfortable wearing it. Priyamani wished that her film ‘Drona’ which would release soon would do well.

She belongs to one of the few actresses who like to thrive on sheer talent than on cheap gossips. Despite few Tollywood films she hasn't been linked with her co-stars. "Isn't it good," she sniggers. "I hate to ride on baseless controversies," says the actress. Doesn't she miss parties? "I go to pubs, dinners and chill out with my friends since for me acting is like any other 10 to 5 job," she signs off. That's what is called ideal work life balance!

What is her New Year resolution? “ I don’t have any resolution, after all they are meant to be broken” she said.The actress says everyday is a new commitment and she is committed to her profession and her personal relationships. She also adds that whenever a project is given, she would go through the basic parameters such as her role presence and significance to the story before she will sign the dotted line. Let us hope this new path will take her to even greater heights.