Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lieutenant Colonel Rank confers to Mohan Lal

Superstar Mohan Lal donned the Army's olive-green uniform. He was conferred the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Chief of the Army staff General Deepak Kapoor at a function at the Army headquarters in New Delhi on Thursday. He has been given this rank for his excellent patriotic roles in the films 'Keerthichakra' and 'Kuruskhethra' directed by Major Ravi.

He is the second recent high-profile personality after Kapil Dev to don the Territorial Army uniform. Kapil was honoured in October 2008. Lal will join the 122 Infantry Batalion [Territorial Army] of Chennai Regiment or Kannur Terriers. He would be the brand ambassador of the Army. He had visited Kargil a couple of times to get training.

Under the TA system, citizens from all walks of life can volunteer for 'part-time military service' while pursuing their regular professions during peace-time. In the event of national emergencies, they may be called upon to become 'full-time' personnel to act in a supporting role to regular Army units deployed to meet the country's defence and internal security requirements.

After the commissioning, Mohanlal visited Union Defence Minister A.K. Antony at his office. "This is one of the most precious moments of my life, and I will do all I can for the good of the nation, in the true spirit of a soldier. Like others in our country, I pride the armed forces and it is dream come true that I can now serve shoulder to shoulder with our Officers/ Junior Commissioned Officers and men." Lal said. His wife and son were also with him.

Mohanlal fans across Kerala celebrated this achievement.