Friday, July 24, 2009

Shahana Goswami - Exclusive Interview

Q.1) After a stupendous debut in Rock On you will be playing the role of Adhyayan’s sister in ‘Jashnn’, what was the experience like?

A) I have been lucky to be working with such new age films at just the start of my career. In Jashnn I play Adhyayan’s elder sister Nisha, who, in order to offer him a decent lifestyle has become the mistress of a rich businessman, Aman Bajaj. It’s her slow decline due to her love for Aman and alcohol that cause her brother to finally get his act together and drives him to super-stardom. The strength of my character is portrayed in the emotional scenes that I have in the film.

Q.2) How was it acting alongside Adhyayan and Anjana Sukhani?

A) We had a blast. Although it was a very emotional film, we would always have such fun on the sets. It was easier for me to play such a strong character due to my comfort level with both of them. It always helps to do intense scenes with actors who can give you freedom and support while your on a emotional high. Anjana and I would often laugh at the story’s where we were supposed to be fighting and ironically we would be in each others houses when they would come out. We are all the same age group so there were no ego clashes with each other and it was a very healthy balanced relationship.